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We use unbiased reviewers & questions straight from Google's Panda surveys to identify areas where your site fails to deliver the authority demanded by the Panda algorithm.

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What You Get
  • 2500 responses to your questions
  • Breakdown of 10 Key Panda questions
  • Recommendations on how to improve performance
Pro Tips
  • Choose pages that represent the sections of your site, like your home, forum, blog, and product pages
  • Choose competitor pages to compare to your own
  • Hire an Expert to review your report
  • Re-run the analysis after you have made improvements


What's Included runs in-depth surveys of your site on-the-fly, much like Google used to build their initial training data set for the machine learning algorithm known as Panda.

2500 Responses

We distribute questions about your pages to 2500 reviewers to determine the authority and trustworthiness of your content.

Comparative Analysis

We provide both your raw percentage score and a relative analysis comparing you to industry leading sites like Wikipedia.


We provide examples of best practices to improve your performance in all areas, not just the ones you already do well in.


What is Google Panda?

The Google Panda Algorithm is a machine-learned filter for low quality content in Google Search results. provides you with a simple way to have real reviewers survey your site using some of the same types of training questions that were used to build the Panda algorithm in the first place.

How Panda Machine Learning Works
panda machine learning
How it Works

We can't know the exact variables Google uses to make predictions for the Panda algorithm. However, we do know some of the questions they used in building their initial training set. By using 3rd party reviewers to answer these questions for your own site, you can identify areas needing improvements to help prevent Panda penalties. For each area we provide best practices to boost your site's authority, trust, relevancy, and more.

Disclaimer: Using does not automatically insulate your website from Panda. It is intended to help identify areas known to increase your risk. We recommend hiring an expert to review your report and assist with implementing recommendations.


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We have performed massive Panda audits on multi-million page websites, bringing them out of the Panda pits and back into Google's good graces. Reach out to our team for a complete assessment starting at $2500!